Vizol S 0.40% (10 ml)

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Vizol S
10 ml
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Vizol S 0,4% (10ml ) Eye drops for dry eyes


Instructions for use / Package leaflet

Please read the following instructions carefully and keep them for future reference.

Vizol S eye drops protect, moisturise and lubricate the surface of the eye. Their application quickly relieves unpleasant symptoms.

Vizol S eye drops are available in two strengths:
The Vizol S 0,21% eye drops for dry eyes for slight dry eye a product recommended for the treatment of symptoms of.
The Vizol S 0,4% eye drops for dry eyes is recommended for the treatment of severe dry eye.
By using Vizol S eye drops, dry eyes can be reduced and dry eye complications can be prevented.


  • tear film rupture due to lack of tears or excessive evaporation of tears, which can cause damage to the surface of the eye and symptoms of other discomfort
  • environmental effects (central heating, air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, smoke, wind)
  • frequent, prolonged computer use, antihypertensives, contraceptives) watching television
  • use of decongestant eye drops,
  • age (it is estimated that 75% of people over 65 suffer from dry eye syndrome)
  • wearing contact lenses,
  • eye surgery or injury to the eye
  • hormonal changes affecting women: pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation or menopause
  • use of medicines (antidepressants, antihypertensives, contraceptives)
  • certain diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, thyroid disorders, glaucoma)


Sodium hyaluronate is an essential component of the human eye. Vizol S eye drops contain a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate. With each blink, sodium hyaluronate forms a stable protective layer on the surface of the eye, quickly relieving the unpleasant symptoms of dry eye such as foreign body sensation, sandy eye sensation, itching, redness, burning sensation, watering and light sensitivity.
The Vizol S 0,21 % eye drops can also be used when wearing contact lenses.
The Vizol S 0,4% the viscous consistency of the eye drop helps to keep the sodium hyaluronate on the surface of the eye for longer, thus ensuring long-lasting moisturisation and increased protection. When using Vizol S 0.4% Eye Drops, it is recommended that contact lenses are removed and replaced 15 minutes after application.


Dab 1-2 drops into the eye and blink a few times to evenly distribute the solution over the surface of the eye. Remove the protective cap before use and replace it after use.

Please note that pumping must be done before the first application. When pumping the solution, the bottle should be held with the dropper end down.

1. Remove the cap from the pump
2. Hold the pump as shown in the diagram
3. Turn the container upside down and activate the pump until the first drop appears.
4. Hold the container upside down, then press the pump to drop the required number of drops into the eye.

After consulting your doctor, Vizol S eye drops can also be used after eye surgery and in cases of dry eye triggered by the use of anti-inflammatory eye products.
Vizol S eye drops do not contain preservatives.This reduces the risk of irritation and damage to the eye surface.
The product is generally well tolerated by patients. If you experience any side effects, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.
When used correctly, the product is sufficient for 30 days of use. Consult your doctor for prolonged use.
Thanks to a special drip technology with a needle, the liquid remains sterile after opening.

Both potency formulations contain the following ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, anhydrous disodium phosphate, sodium hyaluronate, purified water.

SIZE: 10 ml


Do not use Vizol S eye drops:

  • Do not use the product if you notice that the eye drop bottle or applicator is damaged.
  • For safe use and hygiene, the bottle should only be used by one person!
  • There are no known interactions between Vizol S eye drops and contact lens solution eye drops or topical eye ointments. If you are using another eye product, wait at least 15 minutes between doses.

Vizol S 0.4% may cause momentary blurring of vision. Refrain from driving or operating machinery until your vision is clear again.

Storage below 30 °C in the original packaging.

Keep out of reach of children!

DEADLINE TIME: Indicated on the packaging.

Can be used for 180 days after opening.
Do not use after the expiry date.

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