EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml)

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EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml), peroxide-based contact lens liquid with case

Attention! EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml) contact lens liquid contains peroxide. Please follow the instructions for use!

Bauch & Lomb's EasySept Hydro+ 360 ml contact lens liquid is a peroxide-based liquid suitable for cleaning and disinfecting all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel and gas permeable lenses. Effectively removes dirt and proteins that accumulate on the lenses during wear.

Operation of EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml), peroxide-based contact lens liquid

The solution consists of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a disinfectant and effectively kills all pathogenic microorganisms.
EasySept Hydro+ 360ml peroxide-based contact lens solution removes dirt and deposits during the cleaning process to ensure that the liquid is effectively neutralized and does not cause discomfort or damage when using clean lenses.

Using EasySept Hydro+ (360 ml), peroxide-based contact lens fluid

When using EasySept Hydro+ (360ml), peroxide-based contact lens fluid, it is very important to follow the procedure below.

  1. Always handle lenses with clean hands. Wash and dry your hands with a clean towel before handling the lenses.
  2. Make sure the supplied holder contains the neutralizing plate.
  3. After removing the lenses from your eyes, place them in the palm of your hand and apply 2-4 drops of EasySept Hydro+ (360ml), a peroxide-based contact lens solution, and gently rub the lenses.
  4. Open the case and place one contact lens each in the reservoir baskets. Always make sure to put the left lens in the basket marked L and the right lens in the basket marked R. Close the baskets carefully.
  5. Fill the case with the peroxide solution to the marked line, then screw the cap onto the case.
  6. Allow the reaction to work for at least 6 hours. Keep the case upright and do not turn or shake it during the process.
  7. The chemical reaction is complete when no more bubbles are visible in the water during the decomposition of the peroxide.
  8. After 6 hours, the lenses can be removed and the remaining solution must be poured out. Rinse the holder with saline solution and let it dry.
  9. Before insertion, the lenses can be rinsed with clear saline solution. Never rinse lenses with peroxide solution.


Important warnings:

  • Never use the peroxide solution directly on the eyes as it can cause serious injury. Do not place lenses in your eyes that have come into contact with a solution that has not yet been neutralized.
  • Never use a traditional contact lens holder with the peroxide solution. Use only the holder with the special neutralizing plate that comes with the liquid.
  • Do not remove the lenses from the special holder until the neutralization process is complete (at least 6 hours).
  • Never overfill the container with the care product. Spilled, unneutralized solution may accidentally come into contact with lenses or fingers and cause injury.
  • This is not a universal care product! Use as advised by your optician.
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