Boston Simplus (120 ml)
Boston Simplus (120 ml)
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Boston Simplus (120 ml)

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BAUSCH & LOMB BOSTON SIMPLUS multifunctional solution


Multifunctional care fluid for cleaning hard contact lenses. Forms a coating on the surface of the lenses, pads them from the moment they are applied to the eye, maintaining enhanced lens moisture throughout the day.Clean

  • Wash
  • Disinfect
  • Hydrates
  • Care
  • Protein solution

This user guide contains important information.

Please read this manual carefully and keep it, as you may need the information it contains for future reference.

Specially designed for fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate, gas permeable, hard contact lenses.

Description and indications for use:

Boston SIMPLUS® Multifunctional Solution is an innovative cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning solution for gas permeable hard (RGP) contact lenses. For use with fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate gas permeable contact lenses.

The Boston SIMPLUS® multifunctional solution removes proteins and lipids from the lens surface and even removes stubborn deposits. This solution can also be used to rinse contact lenses. This operation removes loosened surface deposits from the lens.

Multipolymer component forms a coating on the contact lens surface, making it easier to place on the eye and ensuring even and enhanced wetting. The patented wetting agent maintains the wettability of the contact lens. The formula is formulated to have a soothing effect on the eyes. It also contains preservatives that effectively destroy harmful micro-organisms. This solution is effective for both cleaning and disinfecting, without damaging the eyes when contact lenses are inserted!

Ingredients: Sterile, buffered aqueous solution containing polyoxamine, hydroxyalkylphosphonate, boric acid, sodium borate, sodium chloride, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Glucam, chlorhexidine gluconate (0,003 %) and polyaminopropyl biguanide (0,0005 %) as preservatives.

Remove the plastic sealing ring on the neck of the container before first use. If the ring is missing or damaged, do not use the solution.

1. To ensure proper disinfection, all the steps listed below should be carried out:Wash your hands with a gentle soap.(Caution - pump dispenser soaps may contain oil-based suspending agents!)
2. Place the contact lenses in an empty lens case and refill with fresh Boston Simplus® Multifunctional Solution. Soak the lenses for at least 4 (four) hours - or overnight - before wearing them again.

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